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 Rev. Christopher & Deborah Codrington

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 A Letter of Welcome from the Pastor

     I am thrilled that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to visit our Gardena-Torrance Fresh New Church Start website.  We feel that the church should be a real place, a place that is warm and relevant to the lives of real people in normal everyday situations. As the present pastor of GTBC, I am excited about God giving me the opportunity to be a part of launching this new fresh re-start church.  For many years I had the opportunity to help rebuild churches, coming to GTBC with the mandate to connect the church and the community is a job that I am taking very seriously.     

     So many people are searching for answers to some of life's most challenging questions.  It is our desire to assist you to discover the incredible and unconditional love of Jesus Christ. 

     Gardena-Torrance is made up of people just like you, and it is a place where you can come just as you are.  My prayer is that you will seek God's leading, and if the Lord is asking you to check us out, it will be my privilege and honor to welcome you here.


 Rev. Christopher Codrington

 Lillian Nishikawa

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 Rev. Christopher Codrington

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